CHAPTER 1: Every story starts at the beginning…

Every BRAND has a story.
A STORY always has a beginning.

Before understanding what it will take to expand your brand, let's look at what it means to tell your story...

Heroes in every story begins with nothing. Whether its business, health, love, or the pursuit of happiness- you begin with nothing. Like clay, you are ready to be molded by the decisions you make day to day. What do you want to become? Anything in life is attainable, but not everything. One thing always takes priority over everything else. Once you find that one thing, dedicate everything to nourish that dream.

"If you chase two rabbits, you will catch none."
- Ancient Proverb

Your brand represents your dream. Your company is the hero in that story. You represent the heart of that hero.

How do I nurture my dream?
  1. The first step is identifying what that dream is and if its really important to you.
  2. Next, you need to research and gain mastery over the necessary skills to make that dream a reality.
  3. Third, plan a step by step strategy towards accomplishing micro goals that lead up to that end-game dream.
  4. Finally, take massive action eliminating those micro goals one at a time.

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One of the most common things businesses have a problem with is a lack of clarify. The beginning starts with CLARITY.


"I love music. However, here I was running a business, marketing for lawyers. BLI had me realize that I should of been marketing for music. Its so simple, but that clarity ignited my fire, and I've been happier since." -DRAVEEEeeeNNnn

"Been selling my products at my physical store for a long time but that's always been so risky. BLI showed me how to market a product online minimizing upfront costs and lessening unnecessary risks. And my business has grown so much since." -Sarah

"Its impossible to get stuck with BLI. They always inspire me and get my creative juices going. If I get stuck for more than 15 minutes, I hit them up and they pour rocket fuel on my business. Life's too short to go at it alone, get some REAL help." -Jericho

"I was getting so frustrated with getting my product out there. I knew it was value-able, but I couldn't figure out how to get my offer in front someone willing to buy. BLI helped me identify who my ideal clients were and how to match my product with them. They also completely changed my mindset. I used to feel so discouraged every time someone didn't buy. Now I know that every time someone doesn't buy, its not a failure but rather an opportunity to learn and refine my approach. Every no is just a step closer to a yes. -Shanna

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